This week in development The furniture shop idea seems to be going somewhere. It’s developed into a kind of race game. Currently I’m pondering whether the tile-laying aspect could be part of the gameplay, or just a mechanism to add variety to each playthrough. This week in games On Wednesday we had a good game of […]

A certain Swedish one

Not loads of gaming recently, so I decided to do a two-week post. And I forgot to take any photos 🙁 This week in development I have had a lot of ideas though! Currently on the drawing board is: a card-based game simulating an archaeological dig a tile-laying game about getting trapped in a furniture […]

It’s so fast

This week in development My business cards arrived! I’m glad I went with Moo as they came in a nice little box and I’m really pleased with the quality. I’ve been having thoughts about how I would approach designing a euro-style game. What kind of mechanics I might want to include and how I’d want […]

Suspicious robots

This week in development Not really game development, but I’ve ordered some UA business cards, ready for UK Games Expo. I’ll post some pics when I get them. I got to try The Lion & The Unicorn or a completely new group over the weekend. They picked it up easily and everyone enjoyed it 😀 […]

Busted reference

No post last week as bank holidays put everything out of wack. This week in development Nothing new here. I’ve got a couple of ideas for a time travel-based game whirring around in my head, but nothing concrete yet. This week in games Two weeks ago, we had 7 players. Initially, two went off to […]

Boat rampage!

This week in development Not much development this week as I’m having a bit of post-game-completion break. I’ve had the occasional idea but not gone any further than that. This week in games At Waterstones on Wednesday, I broke out Mysterium for the first time in a while – with both expansions added in (but no voting […]

I had a pet crow

This week in development So, the big news this week is that The Lion & The Unicorn is finally available for download! I’m really pleased with how this has turned out. The game plays well, looks good, and has just been a joy to develop. I also took the opportunity to print out a new […]

It took less than two months

It’s a bit of a barren post this week, I even forgot to take pictures 🙁 This week in development Despite my intentions, I didn’t manage to get The Lion & The Unicorn sorted this week. Mainly because I planned to get things finished on Saturday, but on Friday my laptop’s keyboard and trackpad decided […]

Just the two of us

I guess Monday is just the regular day I post these now? This week in development The Lion & The Unicorn is ready for the wider world! After a couple of 2-player sessions using the new rules, I’m satisfied with how it works. I’m going to put together some print & play files (including creating […]

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