Here we go!

And that’s the site up! There’s not loads here yet, but I’ll be adding stuff as soon as it’s worth putting out into the world.

So far there are complete rules and print files for Monster Insurance (a game of rampaging kaiju destruction), as well as rules for the simple, playing card-based game I came up with, You Monster (a game of bluffing to get treasure, but not too much).

On the way next will be rules and files for Mech Combat-ible (a game of co-operative robot punch-ups).

I swear I have other ideas for themes! These are just the games that happen to have worked the best so far. Others are still in development (or I have mechanic ideas awaiting good theming).

If you’ve got any questions/suggestions/unreasonable demands, you can always drop a comment below, use the contact form, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter (or Instagram, but that would be kinda weird).

And any likes of the Useless Alchemist Facebook page would be much appreciated!

Until next time!

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