With great buns come great responsibility

This week in development

The Lion & The Unicorn got its first play this week. It worked well with three players, but I decided it needed a couple of tweaks to the card powers and a swap between the card frequency of two cards.

I’ve also switched up the overall victory conditions, so it’s now a multi-round affair (Love Letter style).

After a bit more testing, I’ll get a print & play version ready to put up here.

This week in games

A bit of deja vu this week as the other game we played on Wednesday was once again The Lady and the Tiger. This time (as there was three of us) we tried out “Traps”.

It’s similar to Skull, but distinct enough that they can both exist. And TLatT wins on portability (not to mention carrying it around offers you four other games as well).

This week in everything else

Even more Leicester comedy festival activity! This week, it was all musical. I saw Friz Frizzle doing some song ruining on Monday and then Andrew O’Neill doing his “History of Heavy Metal” show with a full band on Friday night. Both highly recommended.

And I spent this weekend looking after a pair of very cute bunnies 😀 And it’s technically game-related as they belong to a couple of people I play games with on Wednesdays.

They’re called Brownie and Parsnip. You can see more of them over on my Instagram.

And I’ll finish off with Janelle Monae. Obviously not a discovery, but it’s a damn good song.

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