Busted reference

No post last week as bank holidays put everything out of wack.

This week in development

Nothing new here. I’ve got a couple of ideas for a time travel-based game whirring around in my head, but nothing concrete yet.

This week in games

Two weeks ago, we had 7 players. Initially, two went off to test another game, so we started off with Coup. It came down to me and another player, both with one card left. I moved to assassinate her and she countered, saying she was the Contessa. I called her bluff and won, thanks to the fact that I was the Contessa.

Then we had a couple of rounds of Knit Wit, which included the dilemma of how to name something both invisible and orange. And in the second round, 3 of us came up with “evil elephant” for something heavy and bad.

We finished off with Monikers, which provided me with another opportunity to introduce it to new people – meaning I could have them pick cards before knowing the rules (no incentive to only pick things they think they could mime, etc).

Then last week, there was only two of us! I took the opportunity to break out a couple of games I hadn’t played in a while.

First up was Once You Go Blackmail (aka the Archer-themed version of Love Letter). There was some good back-and-forth of rounds won, but I managed to clinch it with some lucky guesses (or cunning deduction, if you’re feeling generous).

We finished off with Dragon Punch, which had some good moments of intuiting each other’s moves, but the game is a bit too light to really be satisfying.


This week in everything else

Mostly I’ve been playing far too much Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. I completed the story a while ago, but I’m working on getting 100% like I did with Lego Avengers.

And there’s a Runaways DLC on the way!

Other than that, I finally got around to watching The Last Jedi. It was decent – definitely not the worst Star Wars film ever. But I don’t love it as much as I did TFA.

I am thoroughly sick of Kylo Ren’s nonsense.

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