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This week in development

Not really game development, but I’ve ordered some UA business cards, ready for UK Games Expo. I’ll post some pics when I get them.

I got to try The Lion & The Unicorn or a completely new group over the weekend. They picked it up easily and everyone enjoyed it 😀

This week in games

On Wednesday, I had my first play of Ethnos (forgot to mention I bought it in my last post) but with only two players. We screwed up a couple of rules (like what to do if you’ve reached the hand limit) but it went well.

I think it’s quite a different game at two players as you have to play more cards than the total of all the tokens in a region. So it’s quite easy to lose a region and not be able to get it back after a certain point.

It has the same feeling you get from Ticket to Ride, where you work out what you want, find nothing good in the shop, so you draw blind and get something absolutely useless.

Then on Sunday I went to a pub for lunch and games. After TL&TU, we ended up just playing Battlestar Galactica (5 players) due to how long it took, but it was a lot of fun.

I started out as Dee, so I spent my time desperately trying to keep morale up so I wouldn’t be executed. It didn’t work and I ended up being sacrificed so we didn’t lose any fuel. I then came back as Cally just before the halfway point where I found out I was a Cylon.

Unfortunately, events kept sending me to sickbay and I was unable to enact my plan of executing someone (and I definitely couldn’t get to Debs – who’d been responsible for the decision that led to Dee’s execution – as she was stuck in the brig).

And then before we could jump to Earth, Tommy revealed he was a Cylon and the ship was surrounded. One more crisis and it was doomed. The Cylons won.

Which was unsurprising as we then discovered Howard had dealt the wrong pile of cards at the midpoint and everyone but him was a Cylon XD

This week in everything else

I was “patron of the week” for Girls’ Games Shelf over on their Patreon, so that was pretty cool. You should all go give them money or at least watch their stuff, as they make great content.

I bought some new shelves to house all my goddamn games. I’ll chuck a picture of them in my next post, once I’ve got things organised.

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