This week in development

The furniture shop idea seems to be going somewhere. It’s developed into a kind of race game. Currently I’m pondering whether the tile-laying aspect could be part of the gameplay, or just a mechanism to add variety to each playthrough.

This week in games

On Wednesday we had a good game of Skyward. I managed to win by slipping out a building that gave me bonus points for every blue building someone else launched. It went unnoticed and I racked up a nice bunch of points.

We finished off with a few rounds of Once Upon a Time. The final round was a complete failure (but hilarious), as we ended up with a story about blind and confused giants that didn’t fit anyone’s ending card.

On Friday, we had a more involved session. We started off with Istanbul as we didn’t have much time with all 5 of us. I think my strategy was much too slow and I was two gems behind by the time Oz won.

Once we were down to three, we went with Dogs of War, which I’ve wanted to play again for a while. Unfortunately, I think it’s at its weakest with three. I did well by abandoning my initial loyalty, but I didn’t push enough for the house I had the most support for in the final battle and ended up losing by a couple of points.

We finished off with some quick games. First Ghost Blitz 2 and then Loonacy, both of which I managed to win!

Then we broke out Thunder & Lightning. That ended with Alex playing a seer at the perfect time and revealing Odin’s ring, which he then easily took out, winning the game.

And I picked up another damaged game this week. I’d been on the fence about Decrypto, as I already own Codenames and they seem to fill a similar niche.

But I couldn’t pass it up for £11 and I’m glad I got it. It looks so cool. I love all the little touches like the code cards being floppy disks and the word cards being a non-standard shape. Well worth the money for the presentation alone.

This week in everything else

Similar to last week, I spent a lot of time playing Lego Marvel and listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno. And I completed the former! And I mean completed. I got 100% on the game, 100% on the DLC (well, what’s been released so far), and got every trophy available.

I could gush for ages about how much I loved the game, but I’ll just post one of my favourite bits.

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