And it wasn’t just the dubbing

I considered doing my standard bank holiday activity of skipping a post and folding it into next week, but it’s the UK Games Expo on Friday, so next week’s post will likely be a big one.

This week in development

No major development this week. Instead, I’ve just been getting things in order for UKGE. Making sure that if I do talk to actual professional games people, I don’t look like an idiot.

This week in games

On Wednesday, we got a chance to play Decrypto for the first time. Sadly, we only had 3 players, but it worked well enough. I’m looking forward to trying it with the proper setup.

You can go some weird places with your clues, and we had many instances of “I have no idea what you mean with this clue, but it’s probably this one??”

Then on Saturday, we took a trip up to Nottingham for some delicious burgers at Annie’s Burger Shack, followed by games at the Dice Cup.

After an aborted attempt to learn Terraforming Mars, we instead opted for some simpler stuff (specifically that I knew well, so no rules difficulties).

We started off with Celestia. I managed to get almost to the last island, but it wasn’t enough and I ended up with only 39 points when Bekki hit 50 and ended the game.

Next up was Concept. At one point, I forgot there was a “cut” icon, so I ended up trying to represent “cesarean” with the icon for “war”.

We finished off with some Hey! That’s My Fish, which Emma continues to be undefeated at.

This week in everything else

Other than playing games, I mostly spent the bank holiday weekend reading comics. Mostly old She-Hulk comics (I’m trying to work my way through them all) and re-reading the second run of Runaways.

Oh, and I watched all of Over The Garden Wall on Netflix. As well as the first episode of the original Power Rangers series. God, that was awful.

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