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I’m now 32, so obviously my memory is going in my old age, and that completely explains why this post is late. Get off my lawn!

(I don’t have a lawn.)

This week in development

I’ve been thinking again about social deduction game ideas. I’m contemplating what options there are to affect another player in a game without them knowing who did it. What use you could make of other players in a game to achieve this objective. Basically, how to go about murdering people and trying to get away with it …

This week in games

Played a lot of games last week. Yay for Birthday time off!

On Wednesday, I broke out Treachery in a Pocket for the first time. It does what I’d hoped, which is pack something similar to Dogs of War (the push/pull mechanics and conflicting allegiances) into a much smaller game. The rules are a bit difficult to explain though.

Tried out High Society again and managed to win this time!

I tried a couple of solo plays of One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows. Unfortunately, I managed to play it wrong both times. The first time, I forgot that levelling up gave me an extra hero dice, so I failed miserably. The second, I forgot the rules for trap encounters and everything was way too easy.

It’s a good game, but it’s got a lot of rules to remember for something so simple.

Saturday was the big session. We started off with 3-player Islebound, as two people weren’t coming till later (they then turned up halfway through the game). I spent a lot of the game with little money, so couldn’t get buildings, instead focusing on influence and renown. Unfortunately, it seems like buildings are the key.

We played Evolution: Climate next. I think Alex and I, having played Evolution: The Beginning, had a definite advantage. The two attempts other players made at creating carnivores didn’t go so well. One notably eating the other, as it was the only species sufficiently small and undefended.

After that, we moved on to lighter stuff, starting with more Treachery in a Pocket and High Society. I was once again back to my terrible spending habits in HS.

We had a couple of games of Resistance: Avalon, which included Morgana and Percival. We had to redo the character setup for the second game, as Merlin forgot he needed to put his thumb up, leaving Percival to just see Morgana.

Monikers produced the memorable moment of Oz twice giving the clue “jellyfish” for a card and the rest of us giving him blank looks. The next person to get the card gave the clue “crikey” and we subsequently informed Oz that Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray.

We finished off with some quite straightforward Codenames: Pictures.

Then, after other people had gone, Alex broke out Hive Pocket and I proceeded to lose multiple times. Definitely not a game to try at 1am after drinking several beers.

And I now have the Great Fire of London 1666 to keep! I wouldn’t say it’s the prettiest game I own, but the aesthetics are really thematically appropriate. I keep opening the box and looking at all the components in anticipation of getting to play it. So many bits!

This week in everything else

As I mentioned, it was my birthday on Saturday. I mostly got money from family, ready for our holiday in August. But I also got a new tattoo! Only 11 years after my first one 😛 It’s based on Shå’s tattoo from The Spire by Si Spurrier and Jeff Stokely.

I also got War On Women’s new album, so I’ve had that on repeat since then.

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