We burned the Tower of London and no one cared

Another two week span as there wasn’t much until Sunday. Also, it’s a day late because I had a nap yesterday. It’s far too warm 🙁

This week in development

The “area control card game” is still lurking at the back of my mind. I’m unsure whether it’ll form the basis of the cat collecting card game I’ve had an idea for. The only certain part is that it will involve a goblin cat.

I also might be bringing back the basic idea of Mech Combat-ible for a new game, as I still like the “co-op rock/paper/scissors” thing.

This week in games

Now almost three weeks ago, we played Ticket to Ride: Europe as it’s been ages since I’ve played TTR. In the interest of making sure we didn’t run out of time, we ditched the extra rules and treated it as vanilla TTR on a different map.

I thought I had it in the bag until Matt revealed he’d managed a 21 point route, shooting him easily into the lead.

The following week, we went with something else I hadn’t played in a while: Skull. A much less successful game as I ended up losing two cards, including my skull and with the other players knowing it.

We finished off with a few rounds of Concept to fill the rest of the time we had.

This Sunday, it was (almost) Alex’s birthday, so it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the weather and have a barbecue, followed by some games.

There was 5 of us, but initially Kate had to pop out, so we started off with Unearth. I’m pretty glad I never picked this up when I saw it going cheap, as it didn’t click with me at all. I managed to win two cards throughout the entire game. One of which was the final card that granted -4 points, leaving me with a total score of exactly 0.

Once we were back up to 5, we went with The Great Fire of London 1666, which I’d been waiting to play. It’s got a fiddly set up, but I really enjoyed the game itself. It’s perversely enjoyable to plonk down a fire cone and scoop up a bundle of freshly burned houses.

Followed by the realisation you just burned down one of the places you were meant to be keeping safe.

I’d brought along Specter Ops, but we wanted something lighter, so chose Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space instead. We played a basic game to start with, and both the humans ended up eaten. Then we added in items for the second game. One human got away, but the second got eaten.

Other errands took us down to three, so we had a quick couple of games of Eight-Minute Empire. I won the first game with judicious exploration of other continents, but fell down on the second as we played on the other map and I couldn’t explore as easily.

Back with 5, we had our traditional game of Asteroyds, but the heat meant less drinking than usual, so it wasn’t quite as accident prone. Though Alex did at one point get trapped completely by asteroids for a couple of turns, and Kate ended up blowing up.

We finished off with a couple of games of Loonacy, which drove us fully mad and finished with Kate yelling “cake, cake, CAKE! YES!”

This week in everything else

In preparation for the weekend, I finally finished painting the miniatures for Specter Ops – they turned out Ok. I also made a foamcore insert to hold them. It turned out well, other than the fact I forgot to compensate for the thickness of the base when cutting the sides, so I had to trim it afterwards, leaving the top a little wonky.

I’ve now got a nice little table set up for this, so hopefully I’ll get some more done soon. I’ve got some plans written out for an insert for Heroes Wanted, now that I have all the expansions (though with the boards, it won’t all fit in the same box, so they’ll have to stay in their own box).

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