What is this?

I’ve been developing my own games, so I decided I needed a way to share them with other people. Here is where I’ll put information about them as well as files, etc that will allow anyone to try them out and hopefully provide some feedback.

Pop over to the games page if you’re interested.

Who are you?

A picture of me, half-hidden behind the box for Inis
Most of my face

I’m Andy. Usually AD Warr when I’m putting my name to something like this. Most often bruitist elsewhere on the web.

I’m a web developer by day and various other things by … evening. Occasionally a musician and a writer.

You can find me on Twitter or Instagram if you want to. And I’ve got a Facebook page for game stuff too. Or drop me a direct message through this site.

And, of course, it would be silly for me to not link to my profile on Board Game Geek. So you can all check out my games collection and judge me.

What kind of name is Useless Alchemist?

I honestly can’t remember where it came from, but it stuck when I realised the initials where the chemical symbol for gold backwards. Who can resist a clever logo idea?

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