Share and Buttermilk

So, a bit of context first! These are two of my D&D characters, Share and Buttermilk. Share is a character I made a while ago. She’s a summer eladrin and a hexblade warlock – but she’s set up to play more like a paladin (she wields a greatsword and can do smites). Her basic backstory […]

A revival

Well, it’s been a while. Sadly, I haven’t been doing much game development of late. Or really anything since my last post … But I thought I’d revive this place anyway. More as a place to put whatever creative endeavours I work on than as a game development blog. So, what have I been doing […]

Witches and brews

You may have noticed that I’ve not been updating regularly. Well, there hasn’t been much to post about. Until now! This week in development I’ve been working on a new game! It’s about witches brewing potions but they just can’t agree on what they should be brewing. It’s a game where players gather and use […]

I cornered the market in llamas

Oh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I blame the terrible weather we’ve had over the summer. I can’t be expected to have a functioning brain when I’m busy melting into a puddle. This [time period] in development I currently have a notebook bursting with ideas, but none of them have developed particularly far. So […]

Suggestive artwork all round

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks (hence no post last week). Not much gaming done, but a bit of development. This week in development Don’t you love it when you think you’ve made a breakthrough with an idea, and then you realise you’ve reinvented Carcassonne? So, after abandoning that, I did some more development […]

Look me up in 2029

I’m now 32, so obviously my memory is going in my old age, and that completely explains why this post is late. Get off my lawn! (I don’t have a lawn.) This week in development I’ve been thinking again about social deduction game ideas. I’m contemplating what options there are to affect another player in […]

Photography needs work

Ooh, it’s a big, long one this week! Not just because I went to the UK Games Expo, but I got a fair amount of other gaming in too. This week in development No real development work this week. And while UKGE did give me a lot to think about, I didn’t go about making […]

And it wasn’t just the dubbing

I considered doing my standard bank holiday activity of skipping a post and folding it into next week, but it’s the UK Games Expo on Friday, so next week’s post will likely be a big one. This week in development No major development this week. Instead, I’ve just been getting things in order for UKGE. […]

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