More Mucus Than Man

Another late one. I wasn’t busy last night, just full of illness and feeling like death. I’m not that much better today, but whatever. This week in development A physical prototype of The Lion & The Unicorn now exists! I bought some new card sleeves and got everything printed out. I even found a nice […]

I have my best ideas in the shower

Well, this ended up being late because I was so busy on Sunday and earlier today with board game-related things! Let me explain … This week in development Files for Mech Combat-Ible are coming, I promise! While I’ve not been sorting them out, I’ve been hacking away at the mechanic I’ve developed for action selection. […]

What’s Going On?

So, I’m going to try and make a post each week about what I’ve been doing regarding game development, game playing, and whatever else about my life I think might be interesting. It’s unlikely that they’ll all be named after lyrics from 4 Non Blondes songs. This week in development Obviously the most significant part […]

Here we go!

And that’s the site up! There’s not loads here yet, but I’ll be adding stuff as soon as it’s worth putting out into the world. So far there are complete rules and print files for Monster Insurance (a game of rampaging kaiju destruction), as well as rules for the simple, playing card-based game I came […]

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