Witches and brews

You may have noticed that I’ve not been updating regularly. Well, there hasn’t been much to post about.

Until now!

This week in development

I’ve been working on a new game! It’s about witches brewing potions but they just can’t agree on what they should be brewing.

It’s a game where players gather and use resources to further their own ends, even though they’re all working on the same potion. To get their own way, they can use the potions they’ve made and their familiars to affect other players.

I should hopefully have a prototype ready to test out by next week. Just in time for some Halloween-appropriate fun 😀

It still needs a name though …

These past few weeks in games

And other good stuff has been happening too.

My copy of Champion of the Wild arrived! Complete with a card with my name on it!

It’s gone down well with everyone I’ve played it with. It results in a great blend between serious discussion of animal facts and silly scenarios extrapolated based on those facts. The “silly” events seem to work best for this.

In one game, the sea otter won at “Demolish a shed” in a landslide thanks to the imagery of a cute little otter in a hard hat, wielding an electric drill.

In other good gaming news, Leicester now has a board game cafe!

It’s called Quest and has great stuff – games, gaming spaces, and food and drink. We went down on the opening weekend and also last Thursday, for their first open gaming night – something I’m sure will be a regular event.

And a good opportunity for testing prototypes 😀

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